De Profundis

by Arcanegoat

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The debut by the austere and esoteric one-man band Arcanegoat, De Profundis, is the first ever doom-metal/traditional heavy-metal piece ever released in the mainland of China.
The lyrics are mainly extracts from the Austrian poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914). In the album, the solid and massive sound marches along with the delicate and smooth transition, which creates an incredible idyllic sight. One would be enchanted with a twofold hallucination of human society-nature world, which tastes of a smoldered bitterness in the mouth.
Consisting of 9 tracks plus one bonus track, the debut is released with a limited 500 copies. We hope the album would bring an hunky-dory listening experience to guys who love doom-metal and traditional heavy-metal.


released August 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Thanatology Productions China

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Track Name: All Souls Day
The little men, little women, sad companions
Today they scatter flowers blue and red
On their crypts, which light up shyly
They act like poor dolls before death.
Oh! how they appear full of fear and humility
Like shadows standing behind black bushes
In the autumn wind the weeping of the unborn complains
Also one sees lights lose their way
The sighs of lovers breathe in the branches
And there the mother with the child rots
The round dance of the living seems unreal
And fantastically scattered in the evening wind
Their life is so confused, full of dim plagues
God take pity on the women's hell and agony
And these hopeless lamentations of death
The lonely ones walk silently in the hall of stars
Track Name: Evening Song
In the evening, when we go on dark paths
Our pale figures appear before us
If we thirst
We drink the white water of the pond
The sweetness of our sad childhood
Deceased, we rest under the elder bushes
Watch the gray gulls
Spring's clouds rise over the sinister city
That silences the monks' nobler times
When I took your narrow hands
You quietly opened round eyes
This is long ago
Yet when the dark harmony visits my soul
You appear white in the friend's autumnal landscape

Do you understand me
Do you understand me
Do you understand me
Do you know why I do it for you

Just leave me alone
leave me alone
Track Name: The Young Maid
Often at the well when it dawns
One sees her standing spellbound
Scooping water when it dawns
Buckets go up and down
In the beeches jackdaws flutter
And she resembles a shadow
Her yellow hair flutters
And rats scream in the yard
And enticed by decay
She lowers her inflamed eyelids
Parched grass in decay
Bends down to her feet

Silently she works in the chamber
And the yard lies long desolate
In the elder trees by the chamber
A blackbird flutes pitifully
Silverly her image in the mirror
Looks at her strangely in the twilight-glow
And dusks sickly in the mirror
And she shudders before its purity
Dreamlike a farm boy sings in the dark
And she stares shaken with pain
Redness trickles through the dark
Suddenly at the gate the south wind shakes

Nightly over the bare meadow
She totters in feverish dreams
A morose wind whines in the meadow
And the moon listens from the trees
Soon all around the stars pale
And exhausted from complaints
Her waxen cheeks pale
Putrefaction is scented from the earth
Sadly the reeds rustle by the pond
And cowering she freezes
Far away a cock crows. Above the pond
Morning shivers hard and grey

In the smithy clangs the hammer
And she scurries past the gate
In red glow the farm boy swings the hammer
And deathlike she looks over there
As in dream she's struck by his laughter
And she tumbles into the smithy
Shyly cringing before his laughter
Like the hammer hard and coarse
And falls dazed to the earth

Lankily sprawled out on the bed
She wakes filled with sweet tremblings
And she sees her soiled bed
Hidden by a golden light
Mignonettes there at the window
And the bluish brightness of sky
Sometimes the wind carries to the window
A bell's hesitant to toll
Shadows glide over the pillow
Noon strikes slowly
And she breathes heavily on the pillow
And her mouth is like a wound

In the evening bloody linens float
Clouds over silent forests
Sparrows fuss in the fields
Dreamlike in the brown hamlet
A sound of dance and fiddles echoes
And she lies completely white in darkness
Track Name: Dream of Evil
Fading away of a gong's brown-golden sounds
A lover awakens in black rooms
The cheek near flames that flicker in the window
In the river sails, masts, and ropes flash

A monk, a pregnant woman there in the crowd
Guitars strum, red smocks gleam
Chestnuts shrivel sultry in golden shine
The churches' sad pageantry towers black

The spirit of evil watches from pale masks
A square dusks gruesome and somber
In the evening whispers stir on the islands

Lepers read confused signs from the flight
Of birds, perhaps decay during the night
In the park siblings meet trembling
Track Name: De Profundis
It is a stubble field, in which a black rain falls
It's a brown tree, that stands alone there
It's a hissing wind, that circles empty huts
How sad this evening

Past the hamlet
The soft orphan still gathers sparse ears of corn
Her eyes graze round and golden in the dusk
And her womb awaits the heavenly bridegroom

On the way home
Shepherds found the sweet body
Putrefied in the thorn bush

I am a shadow far from sinister villages
I drank God's silence
From the fountain in the grove

Upon my forehead cold metal steps
Spiders seek my heart
It is a light that extinguishes in my mouth

At night I found myself on a heath
Covered with rubbish and the dust of stars
In the hazel bush
Crystal angels sounded once more
Track Name: Winter Twilight
Black skies of metal
In the evening hunger-mad crows
Blow crosswise in red storms
Over parks sorrowful and sallow
In the clouds a beam freezes to death
And before Satan's curses
Those spin within the circle and go
Down sevenfold in number
In putrefaction sweet and stale
Their beaks mow noiselessly
Houses threaten from mute nearnesses
Brightness in the theater hall
Churches, bridges, and hospitals
Stand gruesome in the twilight
Blood-stained linens billow
Sails upon the canal
(There's some lyrics Tribute to Black Sabbath)
Alright Now!Won't you listen
When I first met you, didn't realize
I can't forget you or your surprise
You introduced me to my mind
And left me watching you and your kind, oh yeah baby
I love you,yeah you know it
My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf though you can't hear, oh yeah baby
Satan's coming 'round the bend
people running 'cause they're scared
Track Name: In a Deserted Room
Window, colorful flowerbeds
An organ plays herein
Shadows dance on wallpapers
Fantastically a mad succession
Ablaze the bushes wave
And a swarm of gnats sways
Far away scythes mow in the acre
And an ancient water sings
Whose breath comes to caress me
Swallows draw insane signs
Quietly there in the boundlessness
The golden woodland out flowing
Flames flicker in the flowerbeds
Woozily the mad succession ecstacizes
On the yellowish wallpapers
Someone looks in through the door
Incense smells sweet and like a pear
And glass and chest dusk
Slowly the hot forehead
Bends down toward white stars
Track Name: Reaching Evening, Touching Night
The breath of the unmoved. An animal face
Grows stiff in blueness, its holiness
Enormous is the silence in stone
The mask of a nocturnal bird. The soft triad
Fades into one sound. Elai! your countenance
Bends speechless over bluish waters
Oh! you still mirrors of truth
On the ivory temple of the lonely one
The reflection of fallen angels appears
Oh! the red evening hours
Glimmering by the open window
Vine leaves sway woozily curled in the blue
Inside specters of fear nestle
Dust dances in the stench of the gutters
Rattling the wind knocks at the panes
A herd of wild horses
Thunderbolts drive garish clouds
Loudly the pond-mirror bursts
Gulls cry near the window frames
A fiery horseman gallops from the hill
And smashes to flames in the firs
The sick screech in the hospital
Bluish the night's plumage whirs
Glistening all at once rain
Roars down upon the roofs